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Visvim is a Japanese men’s apparel brand founded by Hiroki Nakamura. He used to be a designer for Burton before launching Visvim in 2000. Visvim is known for footwear and garments that are constructed using a mix of traditional production techniques and modern manufacturing methods. When I say this, I mean he combines fabric with Japanese dying methods from the 1800s but then adds pockets and shit with GORETEX taped seams which is most coming seen on contemporary outerwear. I dig it and he's the best at it, not to mention the packaging could be sold on it's own. Visvim started off as primarily a footwear brand, and later expanded into a full apparel collection. Their F.I.L. stores ( Free International Laboratory) are also fucking beautiful so make sure you check one out if you get the chance.

Hands down Visvim is the brand who's aesthetic led my interests from Nike SB's into menswear. It is also the brand that I was repeatly told that I would never get. I guess it's true what they say about persistence. Also I'll leave you with David Duchovny and a bunch of others in Visvim.