Sometimes I stumble on inspiration but most times I spend weeks looking for it. Mostly architecture and art as of recently, some design. It used to be skateboarding and really only skateboarding. Its changed a little bit and I think its because I'm older now but also because I haven't seen a skate part that has really inspired me lately. I start thinking of videos over the last 10 years that inspired me then and/or still do to this very day...Aaron Meza always made cool stuff and Fat Bill too. This Part, from B.A. is my favorite and because Gino is in it. Today, I was unpacking these new AVE's I got from Vans and started grinning because I always tell my friend Kyle that I wanted to skate "Powerful like A.V.E. and B.A.” and it was kind of this inside joke or whatever. AVE always has sick parts but sometimes they were so heavy it made me anxious between the music and how gnarly everything was. Which I think is the point, but I couldn’t help but think, what if AVE skated to something lighter or prettier like a song I think Brian Anderson would use? So I made this Edit.

I added a dash of the old DC Video A.V.E. with the Tortoise intro, because nostalgia.

 I hope you like it. I like it. 

 *Sidebar there is some Jason Dill in there to keep it weird and “Art Driven”.


Filmed & Edited by Seamus Foster

We put out a skate video for the shop last winter in collaboration with Jenkem Magazine. It was super fun and Seamus shot it all. We are working on putting another out now, weather permitting.